Eight Ways to Make Your iPhone Last Longer

Let’s face it, the cost of our smartphones aren’t going down, they are going up. Most providers have already done away with unlimited data and some let you keep your existing unlimited data plan if you buy your new phone at full price. Here are some tips courtesy of Entrepreneur.com on how to make your iPhone last longer so you don’t have to put out money sooner than necessary.

1. Use a Case: It may seem obvious but keeping your phone inside a durable plastic shell is one of the easiest ways to protect your phone against the ever-feared impact of dropping.

2. Double up on the protection with a screen protector: Protect your screen with a small plastic film such as Zagg’s Invisible Shield. It keeps your screen scratch-proof so it will be protected from pens, keys, and anything else you may carry in your pocket or purse.

3. Reduce the battery strain: Keeping your e-mail on the “push” setting, maximum screen brightness, and always being connected to Bluetooth are some of the many ways you drain your battery quickly. If you don’t need to instantly know when you have an e-mail, you can switch your phone to manual and save a great deal of battery in the process.

4. You can REPLACE your broke screen:
No matter how badly we try to avoid it, sometimes our screens crack or shatter. Don’t think that this automatically means you need to replace your screen. Many third-party companies will repleace the screen for you at a reasonable price, even as low as $70. Locate a few local companies, read reviews, and find a vendor that will work for you.

5. Turn off your phone if it’s hot to the touch: Heat and electronics are like oil and vinegar. They don’t mix. So if your phone is hot to the touch, turn it off and let it cool down. Heat is bad news for your phone and battery.

6. Use the passcode lock option: Keep your phone locked down so only you can access it. A missing phone that no one else can use is more likely to make its way back to you.

7. Use “Find My iPhone”: Apple makes it possible to pinpoint the location of your phone with GPS if it is lost or stolen. It’s a free app and can come in handy someday.

8. Sync your phone frequently: If your phone does die out, it’s best to have your most current data and settings backed up on your computer. Sync your phone with iTunes often. You’ll be more likely to pick up right where you left off if you do.

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