8 Travel Apps To Make Your Next Trip Less Stressful

Travel can be extremely stressful between flight delays, lodging mishaps, language barriers, etc. But have no fear, because now there’s an app for every travel annoyance! You can easily equip your smartphone before a big trip, making each step of your travels a whole lot less stressful. HuffingtonPost.com highlights these eight, great travel apps:

  • TripAdvisor Offline City Guides: Choose your hotels, restaurants and activities wisely with insight from Trip Advisor’s thousands of reviewers.
  • iFly Pro: Keep track of flight delays and navigate around hundreds of airports with the help of iFly Pro.
  • Hotel Tonight: Find discounted hotels in your area available that night, with bookings available until 2 a.m.
  • TripIt: Keep your full itinerary organized and in one place on your phone with this free app that puts all your trip details together and syncs with your calendar.
  • Free Wi-Fi Finder: Stay connected without racking up roaming charges. This app locates Internet hotspots in your vicinity and works around the world, also providing direction to the hot spot of your choice.
  • Google Translate: Avoid language barriers and make sure you’re able to communicate easily no matter where you are. The app features more than 60 languages, and for 17 of those languages, you can translate by speaking the text rather than typing it.
  • Kayak: If you just found out that your flight was cancelled, open up this app instead of fighting for a spot in the inevitably-long customer service lines. Set up price alerts and book hotels, flights, car services and more at low prices, on the go.
  • WhatsApp Messenger: Text with friends around the globe without fear of racking up exorbitant overseas charges. The messaging system is a great way to share videos and photos of your trip — with no international charges.

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