Three Apps for Email to Rework Your Workflow

You know how it goes, work mail, personal mail, daily deals, newsletters, social media notifications, meeting requests, and the list goes on. Our personal and business accounts are constantly flooded with messages that need to be taken care of. Thanks to Entrepreneur’s article, below are three apps to help organize emails.

1. Alto: Group messages into customizable “stacks.”

Sign up for their free beta service. With a browser-based interface, it organizes messages into “stacks” and makes searching through emails dramatically easier. It can analyze AOL, Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo messages then presents them more visually. Its intuitive functionality was inspired by real-life actions. For instance, after checking one’s home mailbox, one usually organizes and sorts their envelopes into a stack for bills, junk, catalogues, etc. Alto does this with your email so you can immediately locate all of your e-bills, photos, attachment, etc.

2. Mailbox: The smart to-do list creator.

This new mobile app for iOS mimics the innovative interface of the award-winning task manager Clear and turns email from a collection of mailboxes & messages into a time sensitive to-do list that keeps users on track. It organizes messages into five different zones and lets the user swipe messages to the left or right which “sorts” it. A short swipe to the right archives it while a longer swipe to the right deletes it. A swipe to the left brings up a “snooze” menu that reschedules the e-mails arrival for later and a longer swipe left adds the message to a series of customizable lists. This app is ideal for commuters or business owners on the go.

3. Postbox: The Communications Hub

A full-scale desktop app for Mac & Windows, Postbox is both a viable replacement for the operating system’s default email clients and can also render some social media programs redundant. With Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter integration, email senders’ job titles, company names and profile photos get pulled directly into the email headers so users can quickly access their contacts social media pages directly from the message. Users can also update their social media status with PostBox. Costs $9.95 and also includes features such a Dropbox integration and automated responses.

email overflow

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