Incredible Garden Mazes highlights some of the most spectacular mazes around the world, found everywhere from botanical gardens and cornfields to public squares and private homes. Wherever they’re located, these green landscaping wonders made up of life-size hedges can provide hours of mind-boggling entertainment. Some of the most breathtaking mazes include:

Hampton Court Maze: Considered the “most famous garden maze in the world,” this maze is a third of an acre, trapezoid in shape and is the UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze. One of its more unique features is a permanent art installation created by sound artists Greyworld. As visitors journey through the labyrinth, they will be able to hear sounds such as subtle music, laughter and whispers of conversation that fade in and out of the twisting paths.

Villa Pisani: Located in Venice, Italy along the the Rivera del Benta, the Villa Pisani once housed kings and emperors but is now a national museum for art of the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum welcomes 150,000 visitors annually, who come to marvel at the art, but they also come to walk the Villa Pisani’s complex nine-layer maze. Designed by Girolamo Frigimelica in 1720, thousands have gotten lost in its winding pathways with its numerous dead ends and tall hedges.

Erlebnispark Teichland: With more than 2,000 feet of green-lined pathways, the Erlebnispark Teichland outdoor maze is one of the main attractions at Erlebnispark Teichland in Germany. Those not into getting lost in the twisting and turning labyrinth can take advantage of the many activities the park offers, including mini-gold, rock climbing, toboggan runs, and amusement park rides.

Erlebnispark Teichland, Germany

Erlebnispark Teichland, Germany

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