How to Make the Most of Weekends

Happy Friday! The busier we get, the more common it is for our weekends to end up crammed with chores, errands, or work taken home from the office. We ended up feeling as though we haven’t really had a weekend at all. has useful tips on how to make the most of you weekends. You can read the full article here.

1. Make conscious choices. – It can be easy to lounge around on a Friday night or Saturday morning and watch TV simply because there is nothing better to do. Choose your time wisely so that your few free hours aren’t sucked away.

2. Make appointments for yourself, even if it is just to read. – Be sure to set aside designated time each week to do what you want to do, even if it is just 45 minutes to an hour.

3. Plan your weekend. – Planning can make your weekend happier. Anticipation accounts for a big chunk of happiness and that comes from thinking about the events we are planning.

4. Plan three to five anchor events for the weekend, but not every hour of your. – Three things that take three hours each is only nine hours out of your weekend. That still leaves plenty of time for spur of the moment activities! Your anchor events don’t have to be chores or errands. They can be fun things too.

5. Compile a list of things you want out of life. “A List of 100 Dreams.” – Use this list to brainstorm anything you might want to do or have in your life. While some may be farther off, you will soon realize towards the end of the list, you’ll come up with things you can do every day.

6. Use the morning to your advantage! – It is so easy for the morning to slip by without us accomplishing anything. But, the morning is one of the best times to get things done with little disturbance.

7. Establish small habits to create new traditions for your family. – Take the time to find small rituals that you enjoy doing with your family each weekend and turn them into family traditions. It has been proven that traditions become comforting memories which are proven to boost happiness.

8. Set aside “down time” and switch that phone off. – It is vital for us to unplug and unwind. Make the conscious effort to detach from your phone, computer, and e-mail and spend some quality time with your children or significant other to watch a movie, play a game, or read a good book.

9. Make plans for Sunday night to avoid the dreaded “Monday Blues”- Planning something for Sunday nights is an easy was to avoid stressing about work on Monday morning.

10. Keep chores, errands, and busy work to a minimum on your days off. – Chores are necessary evils, we all know this, but there is no reason they need to occupy your days off. Try to do one chore each day or weeknight. When the weekend comes, you will find that you won’t have so much to do.

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