Concerns Renters and Buyers Have About Staged Homes

Recently, there have been numerous concerns about staged homes despite the fact that staged homes have significant value in the NY real estate industry. These concerns have caused buyers and sellers to reconsider the value of the practice. Some of the major concerns of staged homes will be discussed to enlighten buyers and renters on the issue.

Staged Homes Hide Defects
When homes are staged, 51 percent of people are distracted by the important aspects of the home. For instance, the smell of baking cookies can be a great staging tactic if the cookies are not covering a mold or mildew smell. Light music can be beneficial in staging if the music is not covering the sounds of clanging pipes. Pictures and rugs are useful in staging as long as the decorating items are not used to cover holes. Home stagers should repair items and make the home seem livable rather than a simple distraction from true problems that exist in the home.

Empty Staged Homes May Be Vandalized or Robbed
Recently, staged homes around Detroit and in other areas have been vandalized or robbed. This is a concern of both buyers and sellers. Many sellers lose more money when the home is robbed or burglarized while waiting to be shown. Thieves steal appliances and furniture when the home is not occupied. Take extra precautions when staging a home to prevent theft. A house-sitter, home manager, or home alarm system may prevent burglary or robbery.

Staging May Cost More Than Non-Staged
Staging a home will cost home sellers between five and 10 percent of the home cost or between $300 and $1500. This expense is significant if sellers cannot recoup the losses when the home sells. Typically, staging increases the selling price of a home, but this is not always true. In these instances, home sellers lose, and the investment is not considered worthwhile.

Don’t Ignore Concerns in Staged Homes
Before staging a home for sale, learn more about the concerns and benefits of the practice. The more educated sellers are about the practice, the easier it will be to prevent negative events from occurring as a result of the common practice. Take extra precautions to prevent burglary and deception. Home staging is a useful tool for home sellers and buyers if it is not misused.

This information was written by Megan Gates, web relations for Elliman, brokers for New York City real estate.

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