How to Take Camera Phone Pictures sheds light on a topic we all need to learn more about in their article, How to Take Camera Phone Pictures. For some reason it seems most of us have a great amount of difficulty taking decent cellphone pictures. Yet you rarely see anyone with a digital camera snapping pictures anymore, just their trusty camera phone. It is true, cellphone cameras now have higher quality lens and megapixels which can allow for nicer photos, but still we suffer from user error. If you were to operate a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera or even a standard digital camera, you would need to learn how to use it. What people don’t realize is the same goes for cellphone cameras and just because you have mastered the art of phone calls and texting, you probably haven’t mastered the camera on your phone, trust us. With these simple tips you will be able to learn have to capture images that of a higher quality that what you’ve been taking. So do the people you are constantly sending blurry, dark photos to a favor and read, memorize and practice these tips and start taking great pictures!

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Photo courtesy of: Sheldon Wood

Photo courtesy of: Sheldon Wood

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