10 Moves to Feel Happier

MSN Healthy Living features Prevention.com’s list of 10 moves to feel happier. The truth is not matter how inherently optimistic you may be, there are sure to be days where you’re just not feeling as happy as you should be. These 10 tips are worth trying out when you are feeling a wee bit glum. Most of these actions you can easily do in your spare time and will cost little if no money. A personal favorite, is #5 on the list, The Deeper Dig, which encourages you to learn something new and will improve your curiousity. Simply take some time to read about and research something that interests you, be it at the local library or on the internet. By educating yourself on a new topic, you will feel accomplished and happy. Expanding your knowledge is a free and easy way to brighten your mood. Take it a step further by enlightening someone else with your newly discovered knowledge!

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Photo courtesy of: Museum of Modern Art (© Izzet Keribar/Getty Images)

Photo courtesy of: Museum of Modern Art (© Izzet Keribar/Getty Images)

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