Miami – Best Ice Cream Shops

CBS Miami presents readers with a list of the Best Ice Cream Shops in South Florida. Though it is hard for those of us living in the New York Metro area in December to imagine, it still warm and sunny somewhere. Where you ask? In South Florida, specifically Miami, still warm, still sunny. While we East Coasters may not want to think of eating anything as cold as the weather outside, in Miami ice cream still rules. If you are smart and/or lucky enough to be going to Miami this winter, be sure to stop by one of these ice cream shops and enjoy the perfect treat to beat the heat. Frieze Ice Cream Factory, (1626 Michigan Avenue, Miami Beach, FL,) is known for their super tasty, creamy, homemade ice cream. Why not try a sundae with coffee crunch ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles? Or satisfy your ice cream craving with a malt or milkshake. Lots of ice cream flavors and topping options are available as well as specialty cones!

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Photo courtesy of: The Frieze Ice Cream Factory

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