Vive la France: French Week Miami kicks off offers an inside look at French Week in their article, Vive la France: French Week Miami kicks off. This month-long event, running through the end of November is sure to appeal to even the most finicky Francophile. French Week, which is in actuality several weeks and now in its 5th year in Miami, offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience many of the cultural delights France has offer without having to travel over 4,500 miles to get there. This event showcases aspects of French culture, culinary arts, education, business and music. It also coincides with the beginning of French Spice, a culinary event that includes 20 restaurants in the area offering prix fix menus serving French cuisine and wine. In addition, there are several festivities which run the gamut from a French Film Series to a Luncheon with the Ambassador of France to the United States; tickets for all of these events are available to the public by clicking here. So this November when in Miami be sure to take part in French Week and celebrate the “joie de vivre!”

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