Top Ten Best Dishes and Drinks in New York City 2012 presents us with a definitive list of the top ten best dishes and drinks in New York City 2012. As we, meaning everyone in the world know, New York City is second to none when it comes to just about everything. One area where we really excel is food and drinks. Being a mecca for cultural, financial, and virtually every other element of global living, it is no surprise that NYC also offers some of the most decadent, artisanal, and downright scrumptious cuisine and drinks. This list gives you an insider’s view to the best of the best dishes and drinks in town. While it is difficult to choose just one of these gourmet delights, we recommend stopping by Dominique Ansel Bakery located on189 Spring St between Sullivan and Thompson Streets, to try the DKA (“Dominique’s Kouign Amann”) which is described as, “butter-rich dough and superfine sugar in a tartlet ring; a hot oven transforms it into a croissant-like knot laced with a sweet, gooey paste. Baking the round on a sugar-lined sheet lends the elegant bun a golden-brown crunch and a glinting caramelized finish.” How could you go wrong with that!

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