Bars in D.C. Prepare for Late-Night Drinking’s “Bars in D.C. Prepare for Late-Night Drinking” highlights the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration’s decision to grant 42 bars and restaurants permission to remain open round-the-clock on Monday, Columbus Day, and serve alcohol until 4 a.m.  The change is designed to raise an additional $3 million in revenue from alcohol sales.

The full list of restaurants and establishments granted permission for the extended hours are:
1. Haydee’s Restaurant
2. Haydee’s 2000
3. Boundary Stone Public House
4. Old Ebbitt Grill
5. U Street Music Hall
6. 18th Street Lounge
7. K Street
8. Eye Bar/Garden of Eden
9. Café Asia
10. Taste
11. Mova
12. Sabor Latino
13. Toledo Lounge
14. Phase I of Dupont
15. Rock N Roll Hotel
16. Ziegfeld’s Secrets
17. Jimmy Valentine’s
18. Current Sushi
19. Midtown
20. Dangerously Delicious DC
21. The Argonaut
22. Jr’s Bar and Brill
23. Dupont Italian Kitchen
24. Cobalt/30 Degrees/Level One
25. Bachelor’s Mill/Back Door Pub
26. Dirty Martini Inn Bar/Dirty Bar
27. Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar
28. Jackie Lee’s Lounge
29. Phase I in SE
30. Lux
31. Ultrabar/Chroma
32. Cities
33. Barcode
34. Opera Ultra Lounge
35. Lima Restaurant and Lounge
36. Tattoo
37. Lotus
38. Camelot
39. Portico
40. Marnon Café
41. Josephine
42. Music and Arts Club

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