Places to Go for Funky Ice Cream Flavors in New Jersey

Feeling adventurous? If the answers yes, prepare your taste buds and head to these New Jersey locations for uniquely flavored ice cream concoctions. With flavors like lavender and garlic, these ice cream shops & restaurants will be sure to give you something to talk about. Article courtesy of NJ Monthly.

1.       The Bent Spoon- Princeton, NJ (

This Princeton shop has been whipping up interesting flavors since 2004. Some of their famous flavors include lavender, Earl Grey, habanero chocolate, and avocado.

2.       Torico Homemade Ice Cream Parlor- Jersey City, NJ

Torico’s may take the cake or in this case, scoop, when it comes to exotic ice cream. Most people haven’t even heard of these unique flavors let alone tasted them. Some of their creations include Jackfruit, a Pan-Asian taste the lends itself to a fruit salad flavor; Latin American mamey, a lovely coral-colored fruit with similarities comparable to a sweet potato, and “ube” is made with the essence of a bright purple yam.

3.       Applegate Farm- Montclair, NJ (

This more mainstream shop features a refreshing green tea ice cream with bits of real tea leaves mixed in.

4.       Jefferson Dairy- Lake Hopatcong, NJ (

Does your palette crave a sweet and savory flavor? Jefferson Dairy may have the perfect ice cream for you with its sweet & salty maple and bacon blend.

5.       Garlic Rose Restaurant- Madison & Crawford, NJ (

Since its opening in 1996, Garlic Rose has served up garlic ice cream! This oddball flavor is made from a traditional vanilla bean base and is served up with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry. Weird? Maybe, but this place sells a lot of it!

6.       Strip House Restaurant- Westminster Hotel in Livingston, NJ (

Vegan? No problem! Executive Chef Bill Zucosky features a vegan beet ice cream and a lemongrass variety that he serves with a slice of candied ginger pound cake.

7.       Costanera Restaurant- Montclair, NJ (

Chef Juan Placencia uses a fruit called lucuma from his native Peru to whip up a delectable flavor that tastes like sweet potatoes covered sweet potato.

8.       Maritime Parc- Jersey City, NJ  (

Pastry Chef Elizabeth Katz has included flavors such a strawberry balsamic, sweet corn, olive oil fennel, candied ginger, blueberry Thai basil, and coffee stout chip on her ice cream menu. Some of these tantalizing flavors star in a sundae while other complement a cake or torte.

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