Best of Silver Spring

Silver Spring has been transformed from an aging suburb to a lively hub of nightlife, dining, and entertainment. highlights the Best of Silver Spring. Some of our favorites include:

Joe’s Record Paradise (8216 Georgia Ave.; 301-585-3269) – In business since 1974, Joe’s is a gigantic, pink-walled music-and-media emporium that moved from Rockville to Silver Spring two years ago. You’ll find records, CDs, even cassettes and VHS tapes (remember those?) from all genres and decades. In the “cheapie” section, records go for $1 to $3.50. For those who prefer to keep their tunes on an iPod, Joe’s is also a great source for retro wall art.

Crisfield Seafood Restaurant (8012 Georgia Ave.; 301-589-1306) – This 67-year-old neighborhood institution gets the food and atmosphere right. It’s worth grabbing a stool at the convivial horseshoe-shaped bar if you stick to the simple stuff: buttery crab Norfolk; a cold seafood platter heaped with shrimp, crab, and lobster; baked stuffed shrimp; and slightly sweet slaw.

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