New England’s Best Chocolatiers, with the help of Sarah Woodfine, pastry chef at Le Patisserie at Troquet, finds New England’s best chocolatiers. The top 3 chocolatiers on the list are:

1. Beacon Hill Chocolates

Beacon Hill Chocolates may be known for their unique keepsake boxes, inspired by “rare lithographs, old postcards, photographs and illustrations,” but it’s obvious the book is just as good as its cover. Woodfine reveled in the milk chocolate truffles from the Boston chocolatier, praising their thin shell and high quality chocolate. “Not a lot of people do milk chocolate truffles, they were all very different, very unique,” she said. “I’m a huge fan of milk chocolate, and I don’t see a lot of truffles in shops with milk chocolate. So, the fact that most of these are is wonderful.”

2. Chocolee Chocolates

It wasn’t easy for Woodfine to decide between which of her two favorites would get the No. 1 nod. But coming in at No. 2, Chocolee certainly left an impression with its selection of high-quality, smooth chocolate and unique flavors. “I think this is gorgeous,” she said. “Amazing the way it’s tempered.” Woodfine praised the intense flavor of the salty caramel, a flavor she said not found everywhere. “I think it’s amazing. It brought something new to the table. It was more liquidy and heavily salted. It’s really enticing”

3. Winfrey’s Fudge and Chocolates

Woodfine quite literally found Winfrey’s bursting with flavor when she bit into a chocolate sprinkled with what turned out to be Pop Rocks. But the famed North Shore chain also scored high marks for a variety of styles. “Every one of them has a different texture,” Woodfine said. “They might not be the best-shaped truffles, but they all have something unique to them. The eye is just as good as the mouth sometimes.”

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1 Response to “New England’s Best Chocolatiers”

  1. 1 Julie Thomson February 16, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Your chocolate commentary is wonderful. I can taste your words. Salty caramel! I will never eat a truffle or chocolate with such indifference again. I will be searching for that level of enjoyment you already have.

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