Your New Favorite NYC Bar finds six new spots to keep you warm as the weather gets cold.

Burnside – serving fried-cheese-curd with fancy, Prohibition-esque drinks.

Viktor & Spoils –  this LES tequila bar and taqueria serves dozens of tequilas and mezcals.

Noorman’s Kil – features over two-hundred-and-ninety amber-colored bottles climb the wall of this Williamsburg outpost dedicated to all things whiskey.

Sons of Essex –  this self-styled “deli, restaurant, townhall” features food options range from the fancy (truffle-mushroom pizza) to the creative (Shepherd’s-pie empanada) to the straight-up indulgent (five kinds of grilled cheese or six kinds of macaroni and cheese).

Crown Inn –  features 40 types of bourbon, wines on tap, and plenty of craft beers, with a generous happy hour: $4 beers and $6 on select cocktails.

Whitehall –   perfect for gin enthusiasts, Whitehall has 50-plus bottles of “mother’s ruin” as well an incredible selection of gin on hand.

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1 Response to “Your New Favorite NYC Bar”

  1. 1 Julie Thomson February 10, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Would love to return to NYC and visit some of these swell looking bars. My first and last visit to the Big Apple was in 1981, and being newly pregnant, was nauseous and tired and had to drag myself around. All I felt like eating was boiled eggs and alcohol made want to throw up. I deserve a comeback to do it in style, so that daughter in utero, now 30 and a veteran traveller herself, promises to take me someday soon. Cant wait.

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