Former President’s Grandiose Appetite

Washingtonian’s current issue has some humorous tidbits about former President Bill Clinton’s appetite.

Roland Mesnier worked as a White House pastry chef for 26 years starting with the Carter administration and recently recalled some fond memories about Clinton claiming that the man’s appetite was “scary!” According to Mesnier, Clinton could polish off an astounding five or six pork shops in one sitting and the kitchen staff “had to be ready” to accommodate his requests.

Clinton loved dessert but had food allergies to both chocolate and flour, two ingredients that can be considered stables in many dessert recipes. Mesnier recalled an evening when he made a strawberry cake that the Commander-in-chief polished off half of all on his own. The next morning, he came back for more but the cake was MIA causing Clinton to throw quite a temper tantrum. Mesnier says of the incident, “Clinton was pounding on the table and shouting, ‘I want my [bleep] cake!”  Mesnier was able to diffuse the situation with a little humor by coyly blaming Vice President Al Gore for devouring the other half.

Mesnier is now a lecturer and author of three books including his memoir All the Presidents’ Pastries where he details his life as a White House pastry chef and other comical White House kitchen crises.

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