Five Places for Christmas Movie Magic

Gettting together with family & friends and watching Christmas movies during the holiday season has become a tradition for many. has provided a list of famous movie set locations that you can visit this season and revisit those favorite holiday classics.

  1. “A Christmas Story” fanatics can visit the Parker family house located in Cleveland, OH.¬† The home is open for public tours complete with a museum and gift shop.
  2. “It’s A Wonderful Life” took place in the fictional town of Bedford Falls, but residents of Seneca Falls, NY claim their small town was the inspiration for the cinematic community. Visitors to Seneca Falls can celebrate the film’s ties by taking part in a movie-themed walking tour.
  3. The McCallister residence from “Home Alone” is situated approximately 15 miles north of downtown Chicago in the Winnetka suburb and still features the recognizable staircase just inside the front door.
  4. Serendipity 3 located at East 60th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues in New York is the place where John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale meet in the part holiday movie, part romantic comedy, “Serendipity.”
  5. The Macy’s from “Miracle on 34th Street” takes place at 151 West 34th Street which is Macy’s flagship store in New York’s Herald Square.

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