America’s 10 ‘skinniest’ states

Mother Nature Network’s America’s 10 ‘skinniest’ states highlights the 10 states with the lowest obesity rate. The US’s 2011 obesity rate remained at 26 percent, the same as in 2010.

The study is based on interviews of 177,237 Americans, ages 18 and older, conducted in January through June. Participants reported their height and weight, from which the researchers calculated body mass index. For this survey, BMI scores of 30 or higher were considered obese.

Ten states with lowest obesity rates
  • Colorado: 20.1 percent
  • Utah: 21.6 percent
  • Connecticut: 21.7 percent
  • California: 22.1 percent
  • Rhode Island: 22.1 percent
  • Massachusetts: 22.6 percent
  • New Jersey: 22.6 percent
  • Nevada: 23.6 percent
  • Minnesota: 23.8 percent
  • Florida: 24.2 percent
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