Best Cheap Dumplings – NYC

Timeout New York has published the top 5 Best Cheap Dumplings in NYC.

In its new location, Eton Chan’s shop outdoes Chinatown’s best by folding its pot stickers to order. We fancy the beef, pork and cabbage pockets that are steamed and pan-seared for a crunchy-chewy combo ($3.75 for five). 359 Sackett St at Smith St, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn (718-222-2999)

New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe
Handle these steamed soup dumplings with care: First, nibble the pork packet’s crimped ivory top, then slurp out the steaming, heady broth ($4.50 for eight). 65 Bayard St between Elizabeth and Mott Sts (212-566-4884)

Prosperity Dumpling
The pan-crisped pork-and-chive namesake is alluring, but the veggie version is even better, bursting with minced greens and assorted mushrooms ($1 for five). 46 Eldridge St between Canal and Hester Sts (212-343-0683)

This teen-friendly bubble-tea lounge serves superlative steamed dumplings ($5.99 for 10). The signature filling features cucumber, shrimp and pork in a blast of richness and brine. 26 St. Marks Pl between Second and Third Aves (212-982-9782)

Wong Wong Noodle Shop
While the whap-whap of hand-pulled wheat noodles dominates this soup shack, the place also fashions fat little purses of pork and scallions that dribble meaty juices with each bite ($3 for 10). 5410 Eighth Ave at 54th St, Sunset Park, Brooklyn (718-633-5633)

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