The Greenest Boston Restaurants highlights green restaurants in the Boston area that are certified by the Green Restaurant Association. The Green Restaurant Association, started in 1990 with the goal of forging an ecologically sustainable restaurant industry. Here is a list of GRA certified restaurants:

Taranta features a wine list is biodynamic, sustainable, and organic, eliminated bottled water, and uses straws made from a corn-based polymer.

Boloco features meat from animals that have been treated humanely, fed a vegetarian diet, and kept free of hormones and antibiotics. The stores use highly renewable bamboo, paints low in or without volatile organic compounds, and PaperStone, a material with the hardness of concrete but made from recycled paper and an earth-friendly resin.

The Fireplace feature locally sourced produce, recycles its frying oil and uses energy-efficient lighting.

Upstairs on the Square will begin bottling its own water, and is moving toward composting.

Lumiere showcases local, sustainable ingredients, uses recycled paper towels and environmentally friendly to-go containers.

Churchill has short-term corporate housing available in Boston area. Please call us at 800-587-2640 or email us at for more info.

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